Audi Q7 2016 (ENG) - Test Drive and Review

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Description: Audi Q7 is a big SUV by European standards (or mid-size if you live in the US). Audi joined the premium SUV party relatively late, and the first Q7 generation was on duty for ten years. But now we have an all new Audi Q7, which is marginally smaller on the outside, and much more spacious inside. And it's also over 300 kg lighter from the first Q7. Help me make better reviews by donating: Follow me at: @mwieruszewski #MarekDrives Also watch: Volkswagen Touareg Volvo XC90 BMW X5 Music: "On the Ground", "EDM Detection Mode", "Aces High" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
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