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Description: Today TheGameCompany released all of the games it has ever released (Flow, Flower, and Journey) onto the PlayStation Network into one bundle known as Journey: Collection. So, is this collection worth a buy? Since the PlayStation 3 first launched TheGameCompany has produced a number of simple, non-traditional, yet innovative titles and released them onto the PlayStation Network. Now, all three of these downloadable titles are available in disc form as the Journey: Collector's Edition. The Journey collection comes Flow, Flower, and of course Journey, alongside three other mini-games that have never been released before. Journey Collector's Edition essentially acts as an install disc, allowing you install all 6 games from disc to your hard drive. The install screen also includes a few PS themes for your console. So, after the install, if you only care about the games themselves, you really may not need the disc again, though there are some extra goodies on the disc I'll get into later. First is the prime three games. Flow was a very early PSN title. It is very simple game where you are a microorganism of some sort swimming in the ocean. To survive, you need to eat other organisms and you grow bigger and descend further into the ocean. Very simple concept, similar to the opening phase of Spore, but a bit longer. Next is Flower. Also a very simple, yet incredible relaxing game. In a world filled with pollution, you control a single flower petal using the motion of the six-axis controller. Pushing a button calls a gust of wind to push you forward. It's your job to catch as many flower pedals you can, by flying past other flowers, are returning the natural beauty to the world. Lastly is Journey. TheGameCompany's newest title which originally launched earlier this year, has you facing a mountain, and so you move towards it. The entire game the mountain is within view slowly getting closer and closer. It's your job to get by walking across the sandy terrain. It's a game you truly have to experience to understand, as it is a concept could have easily backfired, but is done so well that it's an engrossing experience right upto the end. Then, on top of those 3 PSN titles are three never before released mini-games. Nostril Shot, is a simple side-scrolling shooter. Move and shoot, with some armor and weapon enhancements along the way. Pretty challenging, with my only complaint being: WHY DOES EVERYONE HAVE A ROCKET LAUNCHER!? Duke War!! is a multiplayer game where you face off with a friend to rally a kingdom of people to build your empire. And purchase things at your castle. The player to hit the predetermined amount first, wins. Gravediggers, is an atari-esque multiplayer game where you a friend fight off a horde of zombies, collect their skulls and bring them to the local church. In addition to these 6 installable games, booting the disc itself will give you access to a ton of bonus features for each of the six, with of course the most attention being given to the PSN re-releases. Installable soundtracks. artwork collection, three commentaries (essentially Let's Plays) and more put this collection over the top. The collection is available now for $30, which is about what you'd pay if you downloaded the main three separately, so if you already have some of these games, it's hard to recommend this collection. But if you haven't experienced any of the fantastic work ThatGameCompany has come out with this a great way to do it, not to mention all the bonus features and extra mini-games make this collection well worth the asking price.
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