Classic Game Room HD - SUPER GODZILLA for Super Nintendo

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Description: Classic Game Room HD reviews SUPER GODZILLA for the Super Nintendo video game console. This Super Godzilla review for the SNES shows the gameplay footage of Super Godzilla, several of the monsters including King Ghidora (aka Monster Zero), Mechagodzilla and Biollante. This is an interesting game and licensed from Toho. It plays like part strategy game and part fighting game, although instead of traditional 2D fighting with Godzilla vs. Monsters you use a "fighting spirit". In order to play the game properly you must learn and master this fighting spirit. CGR would rather watch Godzilla movies but that's just us... Anyway, it's an interesting game and a valiant effort on the Super Nintendo. Music and graphics are top notch as is the Godzilla King of the Monsters Terror of Mechagodzilla style plot. Maybe the game could have used even more flying saucers and hot Japanese scientists with nothing to lose except their lab coats but hey... maybe they'll make that into the next game. Classic Game Room reviews SNES video games and has a collection of Super Nintendo games to review over the next several months. Keep coming back for daily Classic Game Room new and classic video game reviews. Game includes other monsters like Mothra.
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