Review: iPhone 5

Duration: 4:09 Views: 80 872 Submitted: 5 years ago
Description: Thumbs up for my iPhone 5 review? =] iPhone 5 Unboxing: iPhone 5 Gaming: Facebook Twitter Google+ In this video I review the Apple iPhone 5, the 2012 new iPhone. I go over should you upgrade to the iPhone 5 and compare vs iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 3GS, the iPhone 5 in black on Verizon LTE speeds, iOS 6 and the new Apple Maps app, picture / photo and video samples with the rear facing camera and FaceTime HD camera, the design and build quality, Lightning port and cable, 4" Retina Display and how apps and games work on it, speed test of the Apple A6 processor vs other phones like the Samsung Galaxy S3, battery life and whether the iPhone 5 matches up compared to other high end phones like the Nokia Lumia 920.
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