FALLOUT 4 (Honest Game Trailers)

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Description: SUBSCRIBE ►► http://smo.sh/SubscribeSmoshGames JOVEN GOES PLATINUM! ►► http://smo.sh/JovenGoesPlatinum HGT: JUST CAUSE ►► http://smo.sh/HGT-JustCause HGT: FALLOUT 3 ►► http://smo.sh/HGT-Fallout3 From the company that's been slapping a new coat of paint in the same game engine for almost a decade comes the game that was hyped up almost as much as the new Star Wars. Fallout 4! Trailers that tell you the TRUTH about your favorite Video Games: Honest Game Trailers. These are the hilarious trailers the game developers don't want you to see... Honest Game Trailers: Fallout 4 Executive Producers: Andy Signore and Smosh Directed by: Spencer Gilbert Episode Written by: Spencer Gilbert, Andrew Bird, Spencer Agnew, Matt Raub, Michael Davis, Michael Schroeder Edited by: Max Song Voiceover Narration by Jon: http://youtube.com/jon3pnt0 Title design by Robert Holtby Play with us! Subscribe: http://smo.sh/SubscribeSmoshGames Stream: http://twitch.tv/SmoshGames Like us on Facebook: http://facebook.com/SmoshGames Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/SmoshGames Add us to your circles on Google+: http://google.com/+SmoshGames
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