Ocelot XA-21 review! - GTA Online

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Description: In this video I take a look at the XA-21 supercar added as part of the Gunrunning DLC in GTA Online, I take a look at all the available car mods that one can apply to it as well as test its performance both in straight line and in cornering! If you enjoyed this video make sure to leave a like and subscribe if you're new to the Pyrerealm gaming channel for loads more videos coming to you very soon! Wanna support this incredibly small channel in its struggle to fight against the clickbait community? Make sure to subscribe! Then visit the official Pyrerealm gaming Patreon page! https://www.patreon.com/PRG If your on PC check out our discord! https://discord.gg/prg Also check out our twitter @ https://twitter.com/pyrerealmgaming
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