Question Everything in 'Everything' Game From Double Fine

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Description: David O'Reilly is known for his art and philosophy, and Double Fine is known for some awesome independent games, together they've got Everything-- the game where you're everything in the world and beyond! Kim Horcher and Xander Jeanneret (The Library Bards, King of the Nerds) break it down. "I AM A polar bear, careening over snowy hills in continuous cartwheels. Then, I am a pack of Douglas firs, our branches undulating like snakes. Then an elk. A galaxy. A desert. A streak of light imported from deep space. In Everything, out now on PlayStation 4 (and slated for PC next month), I am the essence of creation moving through all these things. That title isn’t a feint or an oversell: In this game, you can be everything."* *Read more from Wired: SUBSCRIBE: NerdAlert is a talk and discussion show for the well-rounded nerd, bringing you tech news, gaming, geek culture and more EVERY DAY of the week with host Kim Horcher and friends. Proudly part of the TYT Network. ►Nerd Alert needs YOU! Please subscribe for more! ***************************************­************* On FACEBOOK: ON TWITTER: KIM: XANDER:
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