Why is The Witness so Critically Acclaimed? Game Review - Minor Spoilers

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Description: In this video I discuss Why The Witness is so Critically Acclaimed, and review the new 2016 puzzle video game The Witness. Developed by Jonathan Blow and Thekla Inc. Who’s previous game was the critically well received Braid. Donate to my LOVELY videos Patreon: https://goo.gl/vc9qLy My INFORMATIVE Twitter: https://twitter.com/UpIsNotJump and My HILARIOUS Instagram: @UpIsNotJump The Witness is Puzzle game with a PS4 and PC game version release that takes place on an emptry island with amazing graphics and no other life. SO Why is The Witness so Critically Acclaimed: While playing The Witness PS4 and PC game I encountered a lot of aspects that made me consider it to be one of the greatest and perfect puzzle games ever made. Possibly superior to Jonathon Blows previous title, Braid. The game development is the best I have seen in a game when it comes to teaching the player how to solve puzzles. The Witness PS4 and PC game consists of wondering round a beautiful deserted island solving grid like puzzles and learning the secrets the Island holds. Why is The Witness so Critically Acclaimed? Well The Island is made up of several sectors of beaches, forests, castles towns and underground caverns, and includes some very hard Maze puzzles. How to solve these Maze puzzles is hidden in other puzzles, the came teaches you how to complete the hard puzzles by giving you easy ones to start with. I am still fighting the urge to take notes with a notebook or photos with my phone to help me solve the puzzles, but I may still give in. Overall the 2016 Witness PS4 and PC game has the perfect blend of graphics and gameplay that all merge perfectly to create a seamless gaming experience. It is possibly the most beautiful puzzle game ever made. This is why The Witness so Critically Acclaimed, more in the video.
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