Reviewed: Game and Wario

Duration: 10:16 Views: 46 385 Submitted: 4 years ago
Description: See the Unova list early right here: The Wario Ware series has always been known for it's fast, frantic and addictive mini-games. Well it's a good thing they didn't name this Wario Ware otherwise fans would really be disappointed. Game & Wario trades all those mini-games for 16 longer, but still short, mini-games. The end result is just a matter of taste as to how many of them you're going to enjoy. Pros: -There's definitely a lot of creative and fun minigames that make great use of the Gamepad and TV screen. -The multiplayer games can be played by just about anyone. -Gamer is as fun as it can be scary. -At least it's not sixty bucks. -Fun with a lot of people around. Cons: -Some modes are not that much fun to play and seem like an afterthought. -A lot of filler instead of creating more minigames. -Can still be a pretty short game.
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