Review: FIFA 16 | My Thoughts

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Description: It's time to do my much awaited review of FIFA 16! ► Click here to subscribe! ​  ► Leave a like on the video if you enjoyed it and let me know any other games you want to see me play in the comments. After my review of Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 it was only right to review FIFA 16. FIFA is a beautiful game with the authentic kits and stadiums and it does make the difference graphically. The online of FIFA is also a huge plus over PES and the online community of FIFA is one of its strong points. Thanks for all your support and helping me spread the word of the channel, it really is you guys that bring new people to the channel and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that! ► Check out my Reviews Playlist: ► My PES Review: I’m giving away the Steel Book Edition of FIFA I used in the video to one of my subscribers! (GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED) To win, you must: • Subscribe to this channel • Share the video on Twitter, Facebook etc. • Include me in the tweet (@James_Buckley) • Include the hashtag CompletedItMate I will announce the winner on my twitter this Friday (20th May 2016) around 5pm GMT Twitter: Create more moments of magic than ever before with FIFA 16. Make every match memorable with increased control in Midfield, improved defensive moves, more stars, and a new way to play. Build your dream team in FIFA Ultimate Team, or compete as one of 12 Women’s National Teams for the first time ever in the FIFA franchise, including Germany, USA, France, Sweden, England, Brazil, and more. FIFA 16 innovates across the entire pitch, delivering a lifelike and authentic football experience.
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