Classic Game Room - FAR CRY 3 review

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Description: Far Cry 3 review. Shop CGR! Classic Game Room reviews FAR CRY 3 for Xbox 360 (also available for PS3 PlayStation 3 and PC) from Ubisoft, the ultimate out-of-control, ludicrous shooter. After parachuting, poorly, into pirate hands you and your pretty friends are captured and about to be turned into dog meat! You escape, received 2 minutes of training and become a Rambo-esque killing machine with universal weapon knowledge and tattoos showing what skills you've earned. Run around the island wiping out pirate outposts, racing in events, unlocking communication towers and hunting to make wallets and belts. Far Cry 3 is outrageous and silly but awesome because of it. It's a great action game combined with an open world environment chock full of fun places to explore and things to discover. CGR FarCry 3 video review features Far Cry 3 gameplay showing Far Cry 3 shooter action in HD.
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