Fantastic Four Review (EVERYTHING WRONG ANALYZED) Spoilers!

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Description: Everything wrong with the Fantastic Four. Fantastic Four 2015 Full Movie analyzed and taken apart. Josh Trank's Fantastic Four is terrible and there were lots of warning signs. Fantastic Four 2015 Trailers were okay, but the Fantastic Four movie didn't even almost live up to it all. The review embargoes, Josh Trank tweet, awkward Kate Mara and Michael B. Jordan interview, were all signs. Why did Fantastic Four bomb? Why does Fantastic Four suck? All answered here. Oh, remember that it's not Marvel's Fantastic Four film, this was Fox. The studio caused a lot of the issues here, but so did Josh Trank. CLICK TO SUBSCRIBE TO NEWMEDIAROCKSTARS! MORE MOVIE FAILS HERE! 50 Shades of Grey Sex Fails Jurassic World's CGI Problems REVEALED! CONNECT WITH US! Facebook: Twitter: Tumblr: Executive Producer: Jeben Berg Website: Host: Gabe Hohreiter (@gabehohreiter) * CREW * Creative Director: Filup Molina Production Supervisor: Ted Marsden Executive Producer: Nathan Jordan Directed by: Filup Molina Written by: David Dong, Filup Molina Edited by: Adam Bowers, Filup Molina, Matt Storey
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