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Description: F1 2015 for the PC XBoxOne and PS4 is the latest Formula one offering by CodeMasters. Having heard good things about this game during its development we thought we would throw some cash at our PC screen and see if it was worth the effort. - Should I buy F1 2015 ? On PC as of right now no probably not - How good are the graphics in F12015 and how well does it run ? Many people on PC are having issues getting stable performance from the game, though code masters recent patches have improved things a bit. For us we have gotten moderately good performance from the game with it looking reasonably nice. Games like project cars look far nicer though especially in-terms of dynamic weather and other PC racers like AC iRacing and GSC could run on a calculator whilst still looking crisp though lacking in as many track side details as F1 2015. - What is the best thing about F1 2015 ? Nice car track and human models that make you feel like you are at an F1 race - What is the Worse thing about F1 2015 ? The game crashes far to often , mostly when doing championship mode or when closing the game, moving from multiplayer back to the menus also sometimes causing the game to hang forcing you to close the game. - What are the are the cars like to drive in F1 2015 ? They feel more progressive than the older F1 games, and far more forgiving, but at the same time they seem quite sloppy to pull out of slides. Fans of driving games like Assetto corsa ,GSC,RF2 or iRacing would probably describe the cars in F12015 as being boat-like. - What are the AI like in F1 2015 ? The AI are not the worse relative to other driving games, but they are certainly not the best. Sometimes you can have good racing with them , other times they will make strange moves or brake on corners where you would not expect it. I think if you were playing as a casual player the AI fine but if you were investing serious time into it then the AI will make you want to pull your teeth out. - Is Codemasters F1 2015 fun ? If it didn't crash and you can look past the lack of content as well as the UI and all the other issues then I can still see many people having fun with this though probably more so on the console than on the PC and more so with a game pad. - Where can I buy F1 2015 from ? http://store.steampowered.com/app/286... Join us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/GamerM... Follow us on Twitter here ! https://twitter.com/GamerMuscleVid http://gamermuscle.com/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Equipment used - i5 2500k - GTX970 - 8GB RAM - 250gb SSD - Oculus Rift DK2 - OBS - Twining everyday tea - Logitech G25 - Fanatic Club Sport V2 Pedals EU - Gameseat RR1000 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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