Ender's Game: Movie vs. Book + Review

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Description: CBG19 compares the superior book version of Ender's Game to the new movie version. SPOILER WARNING: Topics covered include: The ending of the book and scenes in the book that were left out of the film. SIDENOTE: Yes I am aware of the Dune Miniseries, but it was so low budget and so not up to par that I don't acknowledge it. I want a Dune show that matches the quality of Game of Thrones. NO COMMENT NOVEMBER: Similar to the time when Ender was at battle school and was blocked from e-mails, Comments are disabled on all videos during "No Comment November" as we concentrate on putting out more content and avoid distractions. Thank you. :) MUSIC CREDITS: Town Beat by Julio Kladniew Dat Beat Stringer Bells. - Intro.
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