2005 Nissan Pathfinder V6 Test Drive

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Description: Actually, this is a compilation of vids. Two 2005 Pathfinders & one 2006 Pathfinder. Didn't know I had them. Time Machine on My Mac backed them up in May and have been there since. IDK why some had power delivery issues About the Pathfinder. They have a strong platform and are better built than a comparable 4Runner. But biggest flaw with these is the 4.0 V6 and a Sluggish 5 Speed Transmission. These 4.0 V6's have power but they really become sloppy when they rack on mileage. The Sludge up easily, Timing Chain Tensioners become sloppy which makes nasty noises at startups and at high Acceleration. And Many develop a very faint Knock that can be considered normal because I've driven tons of these and they all have the same manor. Maybe 40 out of 50 R this way. They had the right idea of a 5 speed but it can be sluggish at times. These trucks also suffer from inaccurate fuel readings. Possible a bad fuel gauge or Float ( In Tank ) Only Pros here is that from a RWD truck Body on Frame SUV, it comes with Independent Rear Suspension. Other than that, theres lot of Quality issues with these 2005-2007 Models. Not familiar with 2008's or newer as I haven't driven those yet.
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