Deadpool PC Game Review

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Description: Get Deadpool game for steam: Comedy games are few and far between. Sure, many developers manage to weave small chunks of humour in to their titles, but it's not often that one of the main ambitions of a game is to make you laugh. This is where Deadpool tries to step in, but slips on a banana peel and violently crashes face first in to the ground. Deadpool so desperately wants to be funny, but when its main repertoire of jokes relies heavily on crude, juvenile knob gags, it's hard to be entertained. Honestly, it doesn't get much wittier or more sophisticated than "Ha! Did you hear that? I said 'package', which is another word for 'dick'! I am fucking hilarious!" From what I've gathered from the internet, opinion on the game's humour is pretty divided. There are those who think Deadpool is side-splittingly hilarious, while others believe it to be woefully unfunny. As you've probably gathered, I am more in the latter camp. However, there are some mild chuckles to be found. Moments like having to pull your own impaled body off a spike, but casually taking a rest; or repeatedly slapping Wolverine across the face did elicit a small laugh from me. The problem is these moments are buried in an avalanche of dick and fart jokes. Deadpool contains a lot of self-referential and fourth wall-breaking humour, much like in his comic book appearances. This game essentially revolves around Deadpool starring in his own game. This means Deadpool will phone up actual developer High Moon Studios to demand they patch stuff, or even chat with Nolan North about doing the voice over for the in-game game. Nolan North actually voices Deadpool in this game, so this was actually one of the few somewhat humourous moments.
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