Ford Mustang V8 2015 - Tour, Test Drive and Thoughts

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Description: Following my return from the USA, Ford have provided me with a new 2015 Mustang 5.0 V8 to drive on some trips around Germany and the Netherlands, a particularly exciting car as both it and the EcoBoost version will be launching in Europe for the first time later this year. I show you around the car, some of the basics in the interior, hear the sound of the 5.0l V8, then go for a short test drive. Interestingly there are some differences from the US spec car in terms of the engine and performance figures as well as cosmetically. My over-riding thought is that although it may not be perfect, it's without a doubt a LOT of car for the price tag, well done Ford. Thanks for watching, Tim Subscribe: Website: Facebook: Instagram:
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