SRT4 test drive FAIL

Duration: 10:41 Views: 269 Submitted: 9 months ago
Description: Installed the new Cam Position Sensor and Magnet from Modern Performance. Took the car for a test drive, still no luck. The car is driving better and seems to run smoother but yet still breaks up. I have ordered some new parts and have plans to fix this in the up coming week. Stick with me, we will get this! If you want to know more about my Miata and SRTch to do to get her track ready for the season. I originally planned on getting back into drag racing but I think I'm going to try Autox with her this season. SUBSCRIBE! Comment, like and subscribe! Ask about stickers for sale! Sensor- Magnet Follow me on social media: Instagram BlkMktcc Snapchat BlkMktcc
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