Ford Ranger Test Drive To Mt. Balagbag - Test Drives

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Description: Last October 14 and 15, Ford Philippines invited members of the motoring media for a camping experience up Mount Balagbag in Rodriguez in Rizal Province. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? But the real challenge was how to go up there on 12 kilometers of almost non-existent roads. To do that, Ford unleashed its two most powerful 4x4 workhorses, the 3.2-liter Ranger Wildtrak pick-up and the 3.2-liter Everest Titanium. If you’re not so squeamish about getting down and dirty, and you’re not afraid of heights, then stick with us for an off-road adventure you won’t soon forget. It was a pleasant Friday morning on October 14, the day before a payday weekend. But for this group that converged at Ford Libis in Quezon City early that day, the ATM machine was the last thing on their minds. They were looking forward to two days out of the streets, and onto mountain paths even Google maps would have a hard time locating. Ford Philippines gathered some 15 motoring journalists and challenged them to an off-roading adventure not very far from the maddening concrete jungle, but completely different from the city driving that they were used to. The ride for the next two days were the new 4x4 beauties, the 3.2-liter Ranger Wildtrak pickup, and the 3.2 liter Everest Titanium SUV. Before take-off, the group was given a last-minute pep talk by none other than Ford Philippines Managing Director Lance Mosley. LANCE MOSLEY Managing Director Ford Group Philippines “Good morning everybody. I'm very glad you're here with me today. First, I just want to thank and congratulate the host, our host, Ford Libis for their 15th year anniversary. Tried this perfectly to be here this morning so, congratulations to all of you! But I am looking forward to this, we've been planning for this for months and it's always difficult to get timely done but I'm very excited about going up this hill and making it to the top and hopefully, have with us great stories afterwards. Looking forward to this better time for all of us.” The mid-morning drive to the jump-off point at Rodriguez in Rizal province took just a little more than an hour, and the group noticed that the roads just got narrower…and narrower…and rougher…and rougher…Until there seemed to be no roads at all But this is where the Ranger Wildtrak and Everest Titanium’s Off-roading engineering and design expertise kicked in. As soon as the vehicles felt the rough roads roll in, a little adjustment to the innovative Terrain Management System, then a switch to either 4High or 4Low, and the two 4x4 beasts felt just at home. No less than seasoned off-roader and this trek’s trailmaster Beeboy Bargas xplained to the group how Ford’s vaunted Terrain Management System works.
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