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Description: The Bus Kuban G1A1-01 Soviet retro bus RedCarUSSR The bus Kuban G1A1-01 one hundred percent resident of the south, in the Soviet Union a lot of attention was paid to the upbringing and education of the masses. Government believed that every citizen of the USSR should be educated and cultured. At this point the Russian Culture Ministry was stroken with the brilliant idea to build the bus based on the extremely successful Soviet truck. First it was the GAZ 51 then GAZ 53, Kuban was just built on its basis. It is from GAZ 53, v-shaped, 8-cylinder with a capacity of 115 horsepower. Its volume if of 4.25 liters and at crankshaft speed of 3200 rpm. From 1962 to 2001, when the production was closed, were released about 112,000 Kuban in all sorts of modifications. RedCarUSSR All epsiodes: Soviet Busest: Watch release on RUS: © RedCarUSSR
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