MAZ 200 Soviet Truck Test-Drive & Review | History of Automobile Industry ★ RedCarUSSR Documentary

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Description: MAZ-200 is a Soviet truck manufactured at the Minsk Automobile Plant. It is the first Soviet truck powered by a diesel engine. The styling is a copy of the GMC 803 truck and the engine is a copy of the Detroit Diesel 4-71. The MAZ-200 was initially produced by YaAZ (Yaroslavl Automobile Plant) from 1947-1950, after which production was moved to MAZ. ____________________________________________________ ALL Soviet old retro tractors, buses and heavy vehicles ____________________________________________________ Hello. This is RED CAR USSR! Here u can find review & test-drive of old unique car, retro soviet bus, self-propelled gun from WW2 and of course Soviet Union Tanks and Tracktors! We specialise on Soviet Union and Russian history, but u can also find here such brilliants as Hillers Roadster, Bond Mini Car and other interesting rare cars and vehicles to explore. Pls fell free to give as an advices and to ask questions! Don't forget to like & subscribe - this simple actions will help us to grow! © RedCarUSSR
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