Georgia Permit Test - 20 Questions You Must Know

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Description: This is the 2nd Georgia permit test covering common road rules and safe driving techniques. It has 20 questions you must know the answer to. The video is an example of questions drawn from permit practice tests at (all rights reserved). The online practice tests have everything you need to know for operating a motor vehicle safely on Georgia roads and to pass the Georgia DDS permit test. By taking practice tests you significantly increase your chances of passing the exam. Driver’s Prep has helped millions of teens to get their learner’s permit for more than 10 years. Statistics show that more than 9 out of 10 users pass the exam the first time. After the exam, almost all state that the exam was easy. You can do this to! Sit back and relax. Try to answer each question before the correct choice pops up. If you have difficulties recognizing the correct answers, you should get a copy of the Georgia DDS Driver’s Manual. Take a day or two to study the material. Take several practice tests and aim for a score of 92% or more. This will help you pass.
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