2018 Mercedes S-Class CAR FACTORY Production & Autonomous Test Drive

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Description: Mercedes-Benz is entering a new dimension of motoring with its new S-Class and is raising the bar, in terms of production, for the automotive industry worldwide. For the official start-up of the luxury saloon in the Mercedes-Benz plant Sindelfingen, an S 560 4MATIC drove independently off the final assembly line, without a driver at the wheel. ►If you love cars you should subscribe now to Gommeblog Car and Performance Youtube Channel: http://goo.gl/sP8oKK The vehicle then drove automatically approximately 1.5 kilometres to the loading area within the plant. In order to ensure that the car reaches its destination reliably, newly developed and patented technology is used. Cameras, together with radar and ultrasonic sensors work in conjunction with powerful software to accelerate and brake the S-Class independently and ensure that it stays reliably on track.
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