Model 3 Test Drive Production Car With Kman Bjorn John MKBLHD

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Description: Model 3 Production Car Test Drive With Kman Bjorn and John -------------------------------------- Taking a Test Ride in a Tesla Model 3. Finally get to see the Production Fit and Finish, and ride quality. Low light conditions though. Overall, quite impressed. The quality "Feel" is actually better then my Model S. It is SOLID, Comfortable and includes design changes/features that SHOULD be present in the Model S but are not. After the test drive we talked with Marques Brownlee, and Tesla Geeks as well! ---You can get UNLIMITED Supercharging and $1000 discount on purchase of your Tesla Model S or X by using my Referral Link: ----- If you Find my Content Helpful, and Wish to contribute to creation of more content, please consider supporting me through ► ► ► ► KmanEnergy 414-807-8354
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