Test Drive 5 AI 1966 Shelby Cobra 427SC Racing Gameplay

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Description: Test Drive 5 gameplay and replay on the track Sydney, Australia (Beginner). This is the A.I. car model 1966 Shelby Cobra 427SC aka "Sunglasses/Armpit".Very good acceleration, low top speed and good handling. This car is Top Tier. Racing for fun. I always drive manual because it makes your car get up to speed faster. Played this game since it was on Playstation 1/PS1/PSX in 1998 and still have the original system and game. Now I play it on my laptop ePSXe which is pretty cool. All the gameshark codes like A.I car model I used came from CfeXenon. Please leave a comment, like, and/or subscribe. Check out my other Test Drive 5 videos on my channel. If there is anything you want to see regarding Test Drive 5. For example a track with a certain car let me know. I will make a video.
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