2012 Nissan GTR (560hp) - DRIVE & SOUND (60FPS)

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Description: This Sunday I can present to you the full and super exciting DRIVE & SOUND test with a 2012 Nissan GTR delivering around 560 hp through a revised exhaust system. My special thanks, once again, go to ECC-Rent in Darmstadt (www.ecc-rent.de) that provided this car for our intensive road test and video shoots, awesome! This particular GTR has the stock engine setup but features a Y-Pipe and a very loud "Little Exhaust" stainless steel ESD. Honestly this is one of the first cars that I was a bit scared to put my foot all the way down, as acceleration and pull-through are just amazing. Even compared to a recent SL63 or a RS6 with similar power there is just no vehicle I tested so far that can beat this GTR. Please enjoy the footage we captured and if you haven't already done so please make sure to LIKE / COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE! Cheers :)
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